Why is a Shampoo Sachet Cheaper than a Bottle?

Shampoo bottles come in larger quantities but depending on the price they may have costs exceeding the amount that you are willing to pay. That is why the alternative of shampoo sachet packaging may often seem like a better purchase for some buyers.

Due to the size differences, it might be more difficult to purchase shampoo in bulk but this is made easier with sachet packaging and with the pandemic, in effect, hygienic products tend to go off the shelves real quick.

This is not the case with sachet packaging as they feature a compact size. The smaller size helps in saving storage when bought in large quantities and each package often comes with an appropriate and advised amount of shampoo for your hair. Bottles might go out faster because we may end up using too much too fast.

Why is a Shampoo Sachet Cheaper than a Bottle?

From being smaller in size to being cheaper, shampoo sachets have more to offer than you except. The sample packaging is produced to make sure it’s cost-effective.

It also acts as a sort of trial use for a product that is new so if you like the shampoo after the first use then it would be a wise idea to buy the whole bottle. To find out why shampoo sachets are better some information has been listed below:

  • If you ever wondered what makes shampoo sachets cheaper than bottles then it’s because the production costs for sachet packaging are cheaper than bottles. As durability against harsh environments is not a necessity, the packaging is made from cheap plastic. This is the opposite for bottles as they are larger and feature a more dense shell of plastic.
  • When taking into consideration how small each packet is, it’s no wonder that you will find it easier to distribute and purchase shampoo sachets. The small size makes it lightweight so you can carry a large from your nearby shop to your home without breaking a single sweat. This is a better option than bottles which are more easily prone to damage like scratches.
  • Products with lesser costs tend to go out of stock much quicker because it is within the price range of what the majority of the population can afford. Shampoo sachets sell more because of their cheap prices because it is a one-time use product so the lower quantities maintain the lowered costs for products that are also similar in size. As consumers don’t buy sachets for long term use there is no need for these small packets to be so high in price
  • The average buy feels a little bit safer if they have more knowledge about the type of products they are spending their money on and they want to know what these products can do. This is why sachet packets are cheaper because businesses offer these packets at a lowered price to encourage trial use.

This can also be seen in malls or shopping markets where some products are offered free of charge for consumers to try out. So if the shampoo sachets are a success after trial use then the company may consider shipping out bottles of shampoo.

  • Most of the products that are sold by businesses are targeted to middle and lower-class families who tend to visit smaller retail stores for their everyday needs. Depending on the average income of some individuals their standard of living will vary so there may be more people inclined to purchase sachet packets as it fits more towards their calculated annual budgets. They may avoid supermarkets as prices tend to be much higher in larger stores.

Should You Buy Sachets?

Shampoo sachets tend to be on the lower end of the price spectrum but that is not the only reason that people prefer to buy these smaller packets. As shampoo sachets have been designed for one-time use it will come in handy for people who are always on the move. If you love traveling then you would be more inclined to take a few small packets with you instead of large bottles as you would save more packing space for other important necessities in your suitcase.

That is why many hotels all over the world may opt to buy sachet packages for their bathrooms as most of their bathroom products are only there for temporary use and later restocked for other inhabitants. This is also done to promote better hygiene for people who stay there as you would not be as willing to use something if you had found out that previously someone had also used the same product.

Shampoo sachets are better in the sense that they promote usage in more than one brand. When it comes to a bottle they tend to be more expensive than their smaller counterparts so you have to commit to a single brand and if you later end up not liking the bottle then the rest of the shampoo in the bottle will be a huge waste.

In comparison shampoo sachets allow you to save money with which you can try out more than one type of shampoo to find one that is perfect for all of your hygienic needs. Also depending on whether your hair is oily or dry the single bottle of shampoo may not do its job so the variety you get in sachet packets seems like a better option due to the multiple benefits to your hair.

Bottom Line

The best thing about shampoo packets is that you can find them anywhere so you don’t have to waste time on long searches. You can take as many as you want wherever you go from a sleepover to a business trip. The compact size is best for mass storage so feel free to get as many as you feel like you need to better prepare for the pandemic.

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