Tennis Shoes vs Sneakers: What’s The Difference?

Shoes are an essential piece of clothing. There are so many different types of shoes, of different designs, for different situations and occasions. Of all types of shoes, we suppose sneakers are the most popular and widely preferred type of shoes.

In the sneaker world, there are so many different types of sneakers. From different designs, materials and even quality. Sneakers are very comfortable and are appropriate footwear for most sporty situations.

The reason behind sneakers being so popular in sport is it having so many comfortable features. Sneakers are usually lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear. Of course, different sports require sneakers with different features.

Tennis players get kind of confused when buying shoes, whether to go for sneakers or for tennis shoes. Well, this comparison is a bit silly, as tennis shoes are also sneakers. But this confusion rather common that you might think.

This is why in order to clear your confusion of the differences between tennis shoes and sneakers we have made an in-depth comparison of the two explaining how they are different. So if that sounds interesting to you, let’s have a comparison of tennis shoes vs. sneakers!


Sneakers are a type of shoe that are usually on the casual side of footwear. Although many fashion bloggers are incorporating sneakers into various formal attires, sneakers are widely worn with casual clothes.

Most of the times sneakers are worn with sports clothing as well, when playing various sports. This makes sneakers so versatile. 

There are many different types of sneakers. You have sports sneakers, running sneakers, skate sneakers, minimal sneakers, hypebeast sneakers and many more! 

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are basically sneakers as well. These are sneakers that are specialized for tennis players to enhance their performance and provide them extra support and comfort while playing tennis. These sneakers are usually also great for running and participating in other sporting activities. 

Tennis shoes are generally only worn for athletic activities, and not typically worn as everyday wear, but some tennis shoes are also very fashionable and stylish and can be worn with regular clothes as well.

You’ll also find a tons of best walking tennis shoes for women in the market.

Difference between Tennis Shoes vs Sneakers 

Tennis shoes and sneakers are essentially the same. The thing is, every tennis shoe is a sneaker, but not every sneaker is a tennis shoe. All tennis shoes can be qualified as sneakers, but there are certain sneakers that cannot be worn for sport activities such as tennis. 

Tennis shoes are usually quite affordable and on the budget friendly side. Even if they are a little expensive, they are comparatively less pricey than a lot of sneakers.

There exists some sneaker brands that produce very high end premium luxury sneakers that cost well over a thousand dollars at times. 

Whereas, the tennis shoes barely ever exceed the price range of 300 dollars. And even with 300 dollars you get a pretty high quality ones. 

Sneakers are available in a multitude of designs and colorways. Some of the most popular sneakers that are trending currently in 2020 are the Vans Old Skools, the Converse Chuck Taylors, the Nike Jordan Ones, and a few more. While these sneakers have been trending for a while now, they have been relaunched with different designs and colorways. 

Tennis shoes are usually the same ones for years and barely ever get any upgrade in design. In terms of technology however, every year tennis shoes are improving to provide more comfort and stability. Tennis player require their shoes to be tailored to meet their needs during matches. And the sneakers are updated accordingly.

Generally speaking, the availability of sneakers are more than tennis shoes. Although this one should be obvious, as tennis shoes are a genre of sneakers and other sneakers would obviously be more available than a category of sneakers.

The fabric also varies from sneaker to sneaker. Many sneakers are made of mesh, fabric, leather, rubber and many other materials. Tennis shoes are most commonly either rubber, mesh or other performance materials. 

Tennis shoes are also made keeping in mind that they need to be highly durable. With all the scuffing that happens to these sneakers, tennis shoes are required to be made with much tougher materials so they don’t get ruined easily.

On the other hand, most sneakers, while being high quality, don’t always provide that level of durability that you would get in a tennis shoe. Regular sneakers are mostly made to look stylish and make you look better while being comfortable.

The soles of tennis shoes are also considerably thicker than most sneakers. This is because of the traction and stability that tennis players need. Most sneakers that you will find in the market will usually have a rather less thick sole, as those are not made for athletic activities.

The laces of most sneakers will also be a little different from that of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes come with laces that are designed to stay tied properly throughout your sporting activity to provide you maximum performance.

On the other hand, sneakers have a similar type of lacing, just not as performance-enhancing as tennis shoes. You can find some of the best sneakers for tennis right here.

Final Words

We hope that explains the difference between sneakers and tennis shoes. There are not really that many differences between the two as they are pretty much one and the same. As we mentioned before, all tennis shoes are sneakers, but all sneakers are not tennis shoes. This is the main difference between the two.

Tennis shoes are a sub-category of sneakers specialized for tennis players. And sneakers are an entire category of shoes. We hope our comparison of the two was effective in explaining the difference between sneakers and tennis shoes.

We hope you had a fun time while reading this article about tennis shoes vs sneakers, and learned something new today.

So that’s all for tennis shoes vs sneakers, see you next time!

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