ProNebu Portable Nebulizer Review

The premium nebulizer with medical-grade performance is the superior quality ProNebu nebulizer. It is designed with updated technology so that once you purchase it; you will need a winner due to its satisfactory performance and premium quality. 

However, you might be hesitant to buy it as you do not know the medical requirements of a Nebulizer. So we have created a well-researched detailed review article on ProNebu nebulizer to help you decide whether it is the best for you or not. Read the article further before choosing ProNebu Nebulizers. 


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About product:

ProNebu nebulizer is an incredible choice because of its efficiency and commendable performance.  It is portable, durable, and affordable. It is featured with sufficient advanced features along with quality performance. It is designed to be the right choice for all and to be used anywhere without hassle.

Operating system:

It is designed following the mesh atomization technology. This technology makes it an upgraded medical-grade mesh Nebulizer as it works by the vibrating mesh technology in order to atomize a liquid into absorbable fine particles to your lungs.

This delivery system converts the liquid through about 1000 microscopic holes that create mist-like fine atomized particles. Thus this system enables the least wastage of saline or other liquid treating medications. Therefore it saves the wastage of residues. Mesh atomization technology is highly recommended by physicians as it provides quick medication administration to the suffering patient. 

Convenience of ProNebu nebulizer:

It is indeed a suitable choice for all including adults and children. It is manufactured with the availability of both mask and mouthpiece so that you can have the option of choosing either of them. This unique feature enables easy usage for children as they find it comfortable to use the mask.

It is efficient because it works very fast for the patient. Just within a few minutes the liquid medication that is poured into the storing cup, the system starts atomizing the liquid into fine particles. The whole treatment takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

The housing material used to make this is ABS which is safe for all age groups.  It is conveniently designed in a way so that you can carry and use it anywhere. It is portable and easy to handle so you can carry it around at home, offices, schools, gym, trips, and other places.

Maintenance of the nebulizer:

can clean this Nebulizer by removing the accessories and running distilled water through it. You can shake the water drops and allow them to dry. Within minutes, it dries off then you can wipe it and fix the mouthpiece and other accessories in the right place. In addition, this nebulizer can be easily disinfected as well.

Key Features of the nebulizer

  1. It is a premium quality nebulizer manufactured with advanced features and quality material
  2. It is designed with simple features so people of all ages can use it hassle free
  3. The sound level is only <25 dB so it operates without disturbing the environment
  4. It has an efficient delivery system of advanced atomization that creates fine particles to less than 5um for faster absorption
  5. It is portable with its unique features
  6. It has a dual-mode of usage. You can either use the mask or the mouthpiece accordingly for inhaling
  7. Due to creating very minute particles by atomization system, it has residue free
  8. It has a medicine storing reservoir of 8ml capacity
  9. It supplies mist-like particles with a constant flow for quick absorption


  • People of all ages can use the nebulizer
  • It  has a compact design with portability
  • No air source or tubing is required for using it
  • It operates almost soundlessly without creating sound pollution
  • It works with a power of 2.0W so it is efficient without increasing your electricity bill
  • The fine particles produced by it while operating is minute and constant for easy absorption
  • It is equipped with both mask and mouthpiece for respiration
  • It is designed with a large capacity safe chamber for medications to store more and prevent wastage


  • Pronebu Nebulizers are not chargeable. As the power is achieved through batteries or a USB power cord.
  • The batteries are not included while buying so you need to purchase AA batteries separately
  • It has to clean using distilled water as it is not designed for auto-clean

Purchasing the ProNebu:

Keep it as a note that ProNebu is recognized by pharmacists and doctors. So, you would not need a prescription to buy it because it is safe to use. This Nebulizer is a great choice for several respiratory or inflammatory conditions like Asthma, OPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, or more. The fact that it is designed in a way that any person can use it makes it a convenient choice for children and elderly people.

It is easy to operate without any complex handling. Many people get confused about whether to buy a Nebulizer or an inhaler. You can decide to opt for Nebulizer because it works more efficiently and the medication reaches the lungs faster than that of the inhaler.

In addition to it, the inhaler lacks coordination but the Nebulizer ensures complete treatment of the respiratory condition of the patient.

It comes within a suitable price range so you do not have to purchase one that has fewer features. This Nebulizer contains all the vital features that are required for a durable and reliable nebulizer.  Indeed this Nebulizer will not disappoint you.


ProNebu nebulizer is manufactured to provide maximum performance at an affordable price. Therefore due to its excellent performance and efficient usage, it is the ideal choice for Nebulizer. In order to save life anywhere with premium features, this Nebulizer will remain the best one in the market. Through reading this article you can decide to choose this Nebulizer as the best one for you.


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