How to Pass the PMP Exam on First Try

People who are looking to build up a successful career around Project Management know how significance a PMP Certification bears. It’s becoming popular worldwide, holding about 750,000 PMP certificate holders now. Years of results show us that about 2 out of 5 people can pass PMP on their first try. It’s definitely a small portion of people.

So, what makes these people different? No, they’re not aliens nor they have bribed the PMP exam committee. The secrete relies on the study plan they follow. With scheduling their entire journey, they plan every detail on how they can be ahead in this game. It’s all about patience and hard work.

We believe it’s also possible for you to pass PMP on your first attempt. You just need to follow a few guidelines that will make your path easier. Keep reading this article on how to pass the PMP exam on first try and get some insightful tips.

Take an Assessment Test

The first thing you’ll have to do is to listen to all of the PM Prep Cast Videos. Gather enough knowledge about each area including agile/ethics. Then after a fine hour of learning from the videos, read the PM BOOK for the corresponding chapters. It’ll provide you with detailed information and a better understanding. For the first phase of test preparation, you’ll no need to study more.

After you’ve covered the knowledge area, take an assessment test and see how much you’ve scored. Don’t get upset if the percentage is not fair enough. A low percentage will indicate that now you need to focus on the PMP prep seriously in a scheduled manner and that’s what we’re about to teach you in the following points. If you want to learn more about PMP exams then click CBTPOXY’s website. They have the solution to all of your queries.

Sketch a Daily Routine

Just like all other exam preparations, planning your daily study schedule is very important. You have to sketch out all the upcoming days, how much you’re going to spend on learning new topics and how much to revise. After that, you need to gather all the study materials that you’ll require.

Take the syllabus and divide it according your time. One thing you should always remember is that your plan must be realistic. If you set unrealistic goals in front of you, it’ll be hard for you to achieve. However, you must ensure your daily study. Procrastinating for even one day might lag you a huge portion behind.

Go Through a Study Guide

Study Guides are your biggest help when you’re studying independently. We recommend going through the PMBOK guide, published by PMI. This book is combined of pretty much everything you need to go through to pass PMP.

Though the book is too lengthy and boring, you’ll get the most value from this book. It’s best to finish this study guide twice to fill in all the gaps correctly. Once you’ve mastered this book, you’ll feel a lot confident to face the exam. We can guarantee you!

Choose a Reference Study Guide

Along with the PMBOK study guide, you must have a reference book to make yourself prepared for getting clearance on your first try. We already mentioned how PMBOK is enough for studying but you should also know that it clears out only the conceptual understandings.

There are no scenario-based questions on the book which might be a downside of this guide. It’s necessary to get to know about project management in reality too. So, with PMBOK on one side for theories, keep another study guide for scenario understandings. Try choosing books with more visuals so that it becomes easier to memorize each topic. 

Use Mnemonics or Techniques to Memorize

A common but effective hack on how to pass the PMP exam on first try is to build up your own strategy for memorization. You see, there are a lot of difficult concepts to take in and keep in memory till the exam. You may be extremely talented to memorize them without applying any techniques. However, for people like us, we need a tool to remember those concepts and facts.

So, a good technique can be to use mnemonics. Try to make up words on your own from the concept you’re trying to remember. Now combine those words and make a catchy line. You can also use other methods such as writing important notes on a flash card and memorizing them. Perhaps, you can visualize while you’re reading. So, it actually depends. Try to find out what works best for you.

Practice a Lot of Questions

While studying the study guides, you’ll find numerous of sample questions that relate to the PMP exams. Practicing these questions will give you an advantage in the real exam. Here’s how it works. When you’re solving questions at home, you’ll understand how much you’ve acquired from the reading.

You can correct all your mistakes and get alerted in the PMP exam. Also, after practicing the same questions repeatedly, you’ll take less time to solve each problem in the exam hall. You’ll mind will work fast, smoothly, and efficiently.

Attend Mock Tests

Last thing you must do while preparation is to take mock tests seriously. Mock tests will give you the real experience about the PMP exam. It’ll not only be related to solving questions anymore but to prepare yourself mentally. Exam environment matters a lot and these tests will help you to escape your fear. You’ll also be able to crack how to manage time entirely. 

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