How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

Dandruff is a common and irritating problem when it comes to managing your hair. It’s itchy and causes rashes when you keep on scratching those sensitive areas till they are a pale red. It causes your scalp to become sensitive and may cause some serious damage to your hair and surprisingly even your beard can accumulate some serious Dandruff. When you keep scratching it the white flakes get tangled in your beard and anyone taking a glance at your face might think you look like a hobo especially if you are wearing less-than-average clothes.

What Causes Dandruff?

When looking at what causes dandruff to gather the two main causes you need to take into consideration are dry skin and any fungal infections. Dry skin occurs regularly during winter so you need to make sure that you regularly moisturize your skin. You also need to be wary of any face washing products that may have an adverse effect on your otherwise sensitive skin as they get rid of any natural oils which are necessary to keep your skin moisturized.

That’s unless you don’t like to be kissed on the face, or touched. One of the remedies for fungal infections and social suicide would be to shave off your beard but you might miss how rugged and suave it made you look.

What You Can Use

To find a way to how to get rid of beard dandruff, here are some of the things you can do and use:

Wash and Exfoliate

Some of the things you can use to properly and safely wash your face is to use products that are organic and which have also been tested to not cause any harm to the user. Either use a natural product or if you have the spending ability you can opt to buy a high grade face wash which will also moisturize your skin.

To make sure that your face wash reaches properly under your beard, you should exfoliate it carefully and thoroughly to prevent fungal infections. Finally softly rub your beard with a towel as being too rough may cause hair fall.

Beard Products

When you wash your face, it gets rid of the natural oils that keep away dandruff, so you need a substitute such as beard oils or tea tree oil to act as a replacement for the lacking oils. Coconut oil is another thing you can try to maintain the moisture in your beard. For efficient usage apply the oils to the dry skin and then groom your beard with a brush to make sure that the moisture has been properly trapped in your beard.

You can also try other products such as balms which have been made especially to groom your beard to perfection. These beard products are usually made with natural ingredients that give off a pleasant odor when applied properly on your beard.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

In your case if your dandruff problem isn’t that serious then you may get some satisfactory results by applying anti dandruff shampoos which you would usually apply on your scalp. It is a necessary step in taking care of your beard and since the market is vast you might find a product which will be suitable for your beard dandruff. You may also try applying shampoos which have been made to get rid of beard dandruff and make sure they contain ketoconazole which is an active and efficient ingredient in getting rid of dermatitis.

As a precaution you should not stick to shampooing your beard regularly as it might lead to your beard getting dry to fast and lacking moisture which results in beard dandruff accumulating much faster than you would like. So be sure that you take the proper steps necessary to moisturize your beard after shampooing intensively.

Professional Consultant

If you are very cautious about your beard problem and don’t want to recklessly try out any products which may otherwise harm your skin, then the smart move would be to get some help from a professional dermatologist.

As they have a greater experience on dealing with these types of problems they may be able advise you on what steps you may need to take and what type of products will be sufficient in getting rid of beard dandruff without causing you any harm. They may also be your choice in case you have tried everything but nothing you try seems to work for you.

Lactic Acid

All that dandruff that has accumulated in your beard is a mixture of dirt and dead skin cells. You may find success in using products containing lactic acid as it is a perfect solution for dissolving the gathered dead skin cells.

Apply a lotion containing lactic acid after a shower and the end result will provide you with a satisfying and fresher flake free experience after every shower. As an added advice apply the lotion after brushing your beard thoroughly to lift off the dandruff and then use the lotion to dissolve the flakes you have dug out.

Nothing is Better than Washing!

When you want to present yourself as someone who is able to take care of themselves, you should follow a daily grooming routine. This will make sure that any problems relating to dandruff do not arise as you will be taking the proper steps necessary to prevent dry and itchy skin. Wash your face daily and groom your beard with the right tools to keep your beard free of any dandruff. Make sure that the area where dandruff gathers the most is hydrated and moisturized properly and be careful so as not to leave any spots dry.


Finally, what you need to take into consideration is whether the products you are using will have any negative effects on your skin. Be careful to not buy any products that may cause an allergic reaction which will badly affect your health. That’s why it is important to see a dermatologist who can advise you on the best and most efficient steps towards a dandruff free life, plus kisses on your beard.

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